Who We Are

MESICS translates science research into products you can use to create and enjoy a healthy and satisfying life. Our Health Care Products will give you what you need to live better and longer–with joy, passion and

After 30 years of background clinical work and research into the psychological and medical sciences, MESICS® was born in 2004. MESICS® is an acronym for the Latin phrase:
Mens Sana In Corpore Sano. It means “A Sound Mind in a Healthy Body”.

Our products will show you how to connect to and live from a clear, relaxed , self-assured state of awareness. When you do, your health will be more safe. And you’ll be better able to free yourself from the conditioned patterns and programs that hold you back.

What We Do

We design, create and test products that will protect you from life’s miseries and troubles including stress, anxiety and depression, and from health problems such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

MESICS Products are easy to use and they work. We want you to avoid the health and quality of life problems that plague so many millions today.

We’ll show you how to connect to and live from your deeper and more essential core identity. Then, the things that make life really worth living will be in view and in reach.

MESICS® Products will enable you to safely

  • Feel More Alive And Full Of Energy
  • Sleep Soundly and Awake Rested
  • Feel More Happy And Satisfied
  • Be Calm And Confident
  • And much more….