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Personal note from MESICS® founder Dr. Jim Manganiello.

The purpose of MESICS Products, and of my life, is to help large numbers of people live a good life, a life free of unnecessary unhappiness, limitation and preventable health problems.

We didn’t come here to be confused, stressed, anxious and depressed. I believe we came here to live a vibrant life, one that runs deep with joy, well-being, meaning and adventure.  We just need to connect with something deep within us who knows how to do this.

My passion is to discover and then give people the knowledge and tools needed to make this connection. And to break free from stress, strain and confusion and the limits that keeps most of us stuck in an identity too small for who we truly are. This “small”, conditioned, surface identity leaves us prone to illness and dissatisfaction.

My work draws a lot from my education, training and work on myself. And from many years of work in depth psychology, medical psychology, behavioral medicine and from meditation and contemplative healing practices.

I work hard to create special MESICS Products. I am pleased that they work so well. If you use a product, it will deliver what you are looking for. And if for some reason it does not, and you are not satisfied, don’t worry. I will refund 100% of your purchase price.

I create all MESICS Products. My life partner Wanda Stevens, R.N., M.A., LMHC is a women’s health expert and she co-creates all products for women.

Below is a more formal statement about me and MESICS. And then about Wanda.

Dr. Jim Manganiello founded MESICS® in 2004 as a vehicle to bring his work into the lives of as many people as possible. His vision for MESICS was born of more than thirty years of research and development. M-E-S-I-C-S is an acronym for the Latin phrase “Mens Sana In Corpore Sano”, which means “A Sound Mind in a Healthy Body”.

Dr. Manganiello is an award winning clinical psychologist, mindbody scientist, teacher and author. His book Unshakable Certainty is highly regarded and available at Jim is a longtime innovator in the areas of stress, well-being, personal growth and “inner fitness”. “Dr. Jim” is a sought after personal growth and well-being consultant. He works in-person and by phone with people from all over the world.


“Jim is a remarkably gifted psychologist. His impeccable work is a beacon. Jim has extraordinary insight and compassion. He is one of the few truly wise people I have ever met.”

Julie Bates, Ph.D.
Neuroscientist, Mass General Hospital/Harvard Medical School

He has presented his work on inner work and “Mindfulness” worldwide. His pioneered the integration of depth psychology, behavioral medicine and the eastern meditative and contemplative sciences.  Dr. Jim is one of the few westerners authorized to bridge and introduce rarely available eastern meditative and healing practices to westerners.

Jim’s life work aims to put powerful knowledge, knowledge that is typically unknown and unavailable, into actionable forms and then make it available to people so they can enjoy long, well-lived, loved and understood lives.

Just one example of this are the MESICS Products. For example, the “Packs” he’s created contain resources for fast relief from stress, and stress hormone driven anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, insomnia and, among other things, depression. The Packs not only provide fast relief but they also train people to stabilize the Stress Free State so they can live from an experience of mindful awareness, from calm, clarity, self-assurance and power.

Among his other products is the MESICS Method™.  A powerful resource that has changed many lives.

“The MESICS Method has become a way of life for me. It is a true, unfailing path from conditioned hell to authentic being. Like the welcome sight of my porch light after a long journey, the MESICS Method consistently guides me home to myself.”
Rita Heron, R.N., M.S.

Dr. Jim earned his B.A. and his Ed.D. at Boston University, where he was directly admitted to doctoral candidacy under a full fellowship awarded on the basis of outstanding promise for professional excellence.

He completed his clinical internship at Boston City Hospital and went on to teach psychology at Boston University for 5 years. He also taught and trained therapists at Lesley University Graduate School for an additional 4 years. He has an academic rank of associate professor. At Lesley he pioneered some of the early mindbody strategies for deep inner growth, stress resilience and holistic health.

Dr. Jim is also:

  • The former Director of the New England Mindbody Institute for 14 years
  • The former Director of the Center for East-West Psychology and Contemplative Healing
  • A Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • A Nationally Registered Health Service Provider in Psychology
  • A Fellow of the American Institute of Stress
  • A Diplomate Level Medical Psychotherapist
  • An Author, Speaker and Seminar Leader
  • A Meditation/Contemplative Practice /”Inner Fitness” Teacher and Trainer

Jim has been married to Wanda Stevens, R.N., M.A., LMHC, for 22 years. Wanda is a women’s health specialist. She runs the MESICS Training programs for woman in midlife and menopause.

They live in rural Massachusetts with their dogs Hunter, Bella and their cat Nicholas.

Below find a more formal statement of Wanda’s work and background.

Wanda Stevens

Wanda Stevens, R.N., M.A., LMHC, is a women’s health, well-being and longevity expert. She works with women in all stages of the lifecycle. But the core of her work is focused on menopause and midlife. That’s her passion. Her work is exceptionally well regarded.

As Dr. Kathyrn Hayward, internist at Massachusetts General Hospital, and faculty member at Harvard Medical School noted:

“Wanda Stevens is the “go to” menopause and midlife expert for women who want to enjoy the best possible health and quality of life during and beyond midlife.”

Wanda Stevens is also

  • The former Co-Director of the New England Mindbody Institute, for 14 years
  • The former Director of Good Life for Women, an innovative health, personal growth and life enhancement company for women
  • Developed and perfected Mindbody Rebalancing™, a powerful resource for women who are experiencing PMS and menopause life cycle changes.
  • Pioneered the understanding and management of the Menopause Vicious Cycle™, a problem driven by a combination of menopause (or PMS) and stress biochemistry
  • The former Supervisor of the Hunt Hospital Surgical Unit in Peabody Massachusetts
  • A former jazz dancer in the Luigi tradition, a fluid and graceful dance technique anchored in awareness and alignment
  • A long-time contemplative practitioner in a number of “Inner Wisdom” traditions
  • Graduated in top 2% of class at Lesley University’s Graduate School (Masters in Counseling Psychology)