How To Solve Your Insomnia Problem

How To Solve Your Insomnia Problem

By Dr. Jim Manganiello©

About 65 million Americans suffer from insomnia. Not getting enough high quality sleep is a huge
problem. But insomnia is more of a problem that just upsetting people who cannot sleep at night.

The annual cost for insomnia problems is in the billions. Insomnia not only interferes with next
day functioning, but it also creates serious health, safety, workplace productivity and quality of life

In Quebec, Canada alone, the total annual cost of insomnia problems is 6.5 billion Canadian dollars annually.


Studies show that people burdened by chronic insomnia have more medical problems such as diabetes,
high blood pressure and heart disease and more psychological problems, especially anxiety and

Insomniacs also have greater morbidity rates.

They take more medications, make more physician visits, and have more family and substance abuse
problems than people without insomnia.

Studies show that insomnia greatly interferes with work enjoyment and workplace success and

Why? Because insomnia interferes with your ability to learn new things as well as your concentration,
memory and performance.

Most troubling is that most insomnia sufferers have little awareness on what causes their sleep
problems and what they can do about it.

Most people do not seek expert help. Instead they use over the counter sleep remedies that don’t
address the main problems that drive sleep problems. Or they seek medications that grant temporary
relief, but that are dangerous when used over the longer term.


At MESICS we’re committed to educating insomnia sufferers and giving them access to powerful
resources to safely solve their sleep problems. Our INSOMNIA RELIEF PACK has no competitors.

Consider this: Insomnia medications can have dangerous side effects, including eating and sleeping
while unconscious, hallucinations, delusions and suicide.
And sleep medications do not deal with the core problem and when stopped they often trigger what’s
known as rebound insomnia that can be worse than the original problem.

The Core insomnia problem is stress, stress hormones to be more exact.

Insomnia is one reason the World Health Organization identifies stress and stress hormones as the #1
health and quality of life problems in the developed world.

Stress hormones drive your insomnia. Here’s how.

Research shows that stress hormones interfere with the deactivation of the part of your brain
that keeps you alert and awake.

As a consequence, your “sleep machinery” cannot kick in properly and function as it was designed to.
Our INSOMNIA RELIEF PACK will empower you to do two critical things to remedy your sleep problems:

1) lower your stress hormone levels and
2) flush stress hormones from your blood and tissues.

Once you do these two things, you will be able to deactivate the part of your brain responsible for
keeping you awake and alert.

Then your problems getting to sleep and/or staying asleep will be resolved because your “sleep
machinery” will be able to function as it was meant to—without interference.

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