New Findings On Depression Relief

by Dr. Jim Manganiello©

Depression not only leaves us miserable, but it also puts our health and longevity at risk.

A study by researchers at the University of Bergen, Norway, and the Institute of Psychiatry
at King’s College London, found that depression is as much of a risk factor for mortality as is

Depression involves a blend of feelings that can include chronic woe, despair, sadness and
hopelessness, as well as problems such as insomnia, low energy, poor health and reduced well-


What causes depression? New and growing evidence points to stress hormones. Increasing
evidence indicates that stress and stress hormones—especially a hormone called CRH,
(Corticotrophin Releasing Hormone)—play a significant role in triggering depression.

Studies show that CRH is highly involved in our brain’s response to stress and it’s an important
factor in the development of depression. Not only are high levels of this stress hormone in
evidence in many cases of depression, but injecting someone not depressed with CRH makes
them depressed and removing CRH relieves the low spirits of someone already depressed.
You need to know that stress hormones can do a job on your brain.

The National Institute for Mental Health estimates that there are 58 million people living with
depression in the United States alone. That’s a low estimate because in fact many depressed
people do not seek medical care and so they don’t get counted.

Many people accept depression as a way of life when they don’t have to. People troubled by
stress hormone-driven depression can learn how to lower their CRH levels safely—without risk
of drug side effects. They can learn how to safely lower their CRH levels and to flush stress
hormones out of their blood and tissues.


There are many views on depression. Some health professionals consider depression a brain
disease. I interviewed world renowned psychopharmacologist Dr. David Healey who considers
the brain disease theory of depression to be highly suspect.

Many scientists and health service providers think the brain disease idea is a maneuver to
medicalize a life problem for power and profit.

Medicalization is a process whereby the medical and/or the drug industry defines a life problem
as a medical problem. Then they seek control over treating the problem and they seek profit
from “medication” sales.


Studies indicate that many antidepressant medications don’t work any better than sugar pills.
In one study, 38 percent of depressed patients got better from taking the sugar pill placebo,
compared with 52 percent from the antidepressant medications.

Many antidepressants do cause changes in the brain, but that’s not necessarily all good news,
since no one knows what these changes will lead to. And some scientists think there’s evidence
right now that antidepressant’s carry high brain health risks.

Sometimes antidepressant medications can be a godsend for those that really need them. But
the majority of depression is not a biologically based illness and not worth risky side effects.

Antidepressant drug side effects can include the following: Insomnia; headaches; joint and
muscle pain; interference with blood clotting; uterine and stomach bleeding; involuntary
muscle movements; Parkinsonism; shuffling gait; severe anxiety; diminished sexual interest,
performance and pleasure; dizziness; loss of coordination; crying spells; and among others, as
Dr Healey and others note,—suicide.


While there are some instances of medication appropriate depression that are indeed caused
by a brain disease or other purely biological causes, most incidences of depression are not. The
vast majority of depression problems are indeed life problems. Life can be tough.

It’s filled with losses, hard times and confusion that can leave us depressed. And if we stay in
depression too long, we can get stuck there.

If we move too deep into a depression groove it can be hard to get out of it. Depression can be
a vicious cycle. It can change our brain chemistry. Then our changed brain chemistry can leave
us depressed, which further changes our brain chemistry, and so on, and on and on.

We can also become depressed because we fail to honor ourselves in our daily life. This
happens often today because many of us get trapped in a conditioned self-image that’s too
small for who we truly are. And we live our lives doing what we feel we should or must rather
than doing what we want and love. This triggers a lot of stress.

Depression causes lot of suffering and it leaves millions of Americans feeling miserable. But to
always label depression a “disease” or a “mental health disorder” risks confusing the issue. And
it risks shaming people troubled by depression and leaving them prey to the vultures who seek
profit and power by defining life problems as medical conditions.


Depression can be a symbol, one that we need to decode, understand and honor. If we are in a
room that’s too hot, feeling hot is a signal that we need to cool off. If we are living in an empty,
lonely, wounded and uninspired way, depression can be a signal that something deep in us
wants, needs and even demands change.

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