Powerful Insomnia Relief

What You Need To Know And Do To Get Powerful Insomnia Relief

By Dr. Jim Manganiello

Studies show that the rise in sleep problems has accompanied the rise in stress levels worldwide.
Sleep research shows that if you want real insomnia relief, you must reduce your stress hormone levels.

Our highly praised Insomnia Relief Pack will empower you to just that—quickly and easily.
The Insomnia Relief Pack will allow you to sleep like a baby again, and you’ll live a whole lot better and longer as a result.


The evidence is mounting: Getting less sleep than you were “designed for” disrupts the finely balanced system that not only keeps you healthy and energized, but that also sustains your life.

For example, not getting enough sleep upsets your hormonal equilibrium and creates conditions similar to early diabetes and rapid aging. Insomnia also leaves you susceptible to chronic anxiety and depression.

If you’re sleep deprived, you’ll get sick more often. Why?

Because insomnia weakens your immune system and leaves you more susceptible to infections.
Studies show that when you don’t get enough sleep, the number of the natural killer cells in your peripheral blood system goes down.

And the fewer natural killer cells available in your blood, the more susceptible you are to infections of all kinds. And as your immune system weakens you’re less able to defend against rogue cancer cells as well.


The fact is we sleep on average 90 minutes a night less than did our great grandparents.
That’s 540 hours less sleep a year than they enjoyed. And we sleep a full two hours less than most people did 150 years ago. Why?

The single most important reason is stress. There’s a direct relationship between the rise in stress levels and the rise in insomnia problems. The World Health Organization declared stress the #1 health and quality of life in the developed world.

Stress is not just about feeling wired and tired. It’s about the release of stress chemicals into your system, chemicals also known as hormones, such as cortisol and epinephrine.

These stress hormones interfere with sleep. If you want insomnia relief you have to lower your stress hormone levels so that your “sleep machinery” can kick in properly. The Insomnia Relief Pack will show you how and it will also flush stress hormones from your system so that you can get deep, high quality sleep.

Here’s the essence of the stress-insomnia story.

You’re hard-wired for what’s known as “The Fight or Flight Response”, a survival mechanism that energizes you to fight or flee in the face of life threatening danger. The problem is your hard-wiring is not designed for the complexity and speed of life today. It does not match up well with life today.

The evolutionary biologists call the Great Mismatch” problem.

We’re all too often on edge about work, money and relationships. We’re overscheduled, overworked and bombarded by bad news media reports 24/7. As a result your Fight or Flight Response triggers too often and stress hormones leak into your blood and tissues and linger there.

Then you can’t sleep because parts of your mind and body are prepared to STAY ALERT, not lie down and go to sleep. Stress hormones interfere with the proper functioning of your sleep equipment. You can’t get insomnia relief if stress hormones are running around in your system.


Too often medical physicians prescribe medication for insomnia. That misses the point. The source of the problem needs to be addressed, not just the symptom.

And the source of the problem is stress and stress hormones. The good news is there is a solution. The Insomnia Relief Pack will enable you to do two critical things you must do to get high quality insomnia relief.

1.Prevent the unnecessary triggering of your “Fight or Flight Response
2.Flush stress hormones out of your blood and tissues.

You can do this step by step with the Insomnia Relief Pack.

When stress hormones pour into your system too often and when they don’t get cleared out, they will seep into your blood and tissues. Once they seep in, it’s hard to flush them out, unless you know how.

We’ll show you exactly what to do.

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