“Stress Anxiety”

“Stress Anxiety”: What You Need To Know And Do

by Dr. Jim Manganiello

Most people, including many health professionals who treat anxiety, lack a true understanding of what
the anxiety problem is really all about.

The main cause of most anxiety is stress hormones. Today stress hormones release into your system
in error, especially when you worry. In truth, stress and anxiety are not two different things–they are

Worry triggers stress and stress triggers stress hormones which trigger more worry and so more
hormones and so on. This vicious cycle is a surefire recipe for chronic anxiety. To get rid of it, you need
to gain control of your stress hormone levels.


Think of it this way: You have an Involuntary Nervous System, a system with 2 switches:

1. One for housekeeping chores to take care of digestion, elimination, sleeping etc.

2. The other prepares you for “emergency alert” conditions, so you can fight or flee in the
face of life threatening danger. That’s your fight or flight response. It’s hard wired into your

Now imagine that a crocodile approaches to eat us while we’re having this conversation.

As soon as we see the crocodile, our Fight or Flight machinery will kick in automatically.
Our “housekeeping” switch will turn off and our “emergency” fight or flight switch will turn on.

Then stress hormones will pour into our systems and blood will get rerouted from housekeeping
chores to our arms and legs, so we can fight like hell or run like hell. We will be appropriately
anxious, after all—our lives are on the line and so we NEED to be fearful, anxious and hyper vigilant

Now if we survive our encounter with the crocodile, then within a little time, our “emergency
switch” will shut down and our “housekeeping” switch will turn on again. And stress hormones
would be flushed out of our system.


That’s key—Here’s why. Your Flight or Flight Response was designed for short term use only.

Stress Hormones are supposed to wash out of your blood and tissues, not linger there. But because
your “Emergency Alert System” has obsolete hard wiring that’s badly suited to today’s living
conditions, the fight or flight response triggers too often, in error. Your stress hormone faucet is
turned on too much of the time and it stays open too long.

Because your mind and body are an interdependent unit—the mindbody, what you think and feel
affects your body. It’s daily stress and your fear, worry and self-doubt that triggers unnecessary and
undesirable fight or flight responses.

Again, as a result, your “Stress Hormone Faucet” gets turned on too frequently. And so your system
gets flooded with stress hormones, such as cortisol and epinephrine.

These hormones seep into your blood and tissues and linger there, setting up conditions for anxiety.
To get rid of chronic feelings of anxiety, you need to get rid of the stress hormones flying around in
your body that give rise to them.

Chronic anxiety not only feels terrible, but it also can ruin your quality of life and create many health
problems. In fact, stress, anxiety and depression are very often different faces of the same problem.


I’ve developed safe, enjoyable, effective methods for you to conquer the ROOT CAUSE of your
anxiety —the stress hormones that drive it as well as the fear and panic you may feel too often.

I want you to know about the Stress Free State because it will melt your anxiety like the sun melts
an ice cube on a hot summer day.

“The Stress Free State is a state of calm, clear, radiant, relaxed and self-assured awareness.”

I will introduce you to the Stress Free State and give you the chance to not only live more anxiety
free but to also give you more enjoyment in life. What I’ll give you will allow you to do three things:

1. Discover the Stress Free State

2. Strengthen and stabilize your connection to it

3. Live from it


The Stress Free State will protect you against the toxic effects of stress hormones. So they no longer
drip, drip, drip into your system, and, if they do on occasion—you’ll be able to flush them out of your
blood and tissues quickly.

You do want to simply eliminate the conditions that give rise to your anxiety, right?

The Stress Free State is much more than just a relaxed condition. It’s a very special state of awareness
that is within you, but it’s usually so covered up—you fail to recognize that it exists.

Now the Stress Free State will ensure that you can access a calm, clear and self-assured state of mind
whenever you need it. And—it will improve your quality of life dramatically. The Stress Free State is also
the gateway to the mindfulness and awareness described in many meditative traditions.

We’ll show you how to cultivate the Stress Free State in your daily life without having to sit cross-legged
for hours.

Just take a close look at the Anxiety Relief Pack. If you understand what’s going on and you want
powerful relief from anxiety—then there’s a Pack for you with your name on it.

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