Stress Hormone Article For SRP

Why The Stress Relief Pack So Important to You

In a nutshell:

Your Stress Turns on a Faucet, a Faucet That Leaks Toxic Stress Hormones Into Your

These Hormones Seep Into Your Blood and Tissues. Where They Linger and Harm
Your Mind and Body—Under the Radar

Consider what other stress experts have said:

“The prolonged release of stress hormones can impair our immune system and leave us open to
invasions of cancer cells and dangerous infections.”

Dr. Bruce McEwen,
Former Director of Rockefeller University’s Neuroendocrine Laboratory

“In our modern society, stress…hormones continue to wash through thesystem in high levels, never
leaving. Stress leads to serious health problems”

Drs. Chrousos and Gold
Senior National Institute of Health Scientists

The long-term activation of the stress-response system — and the subsequent overexposure to
cortisol and other stress hormones — can disrupt almost all your body’s processes, increasing your
risk of obesity, insomnia, digestive problems, heart disease, depression, memory impairment,
physical illnesses and other complications.

Mayo Clinic Staff

“Chronic stress kills. People wear down. Stress is linked to the six leading causes of death ….”–

Drs. Lyle H. Miller and Alma Dell Smith
Senior Stress Researchers

Here’s 2 Questions for YOU:

1) Do You Know How to Turn Your Stress Hormone Faucet OFF?
2) Do You Know how to flush stress hormones out of your blood and tissues?

You WILL—after you own your Stress Relief Pack

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