The Awakened State Audio

by Dr. Jim Manganiello

I carefully created my new Awakened State Audio for you to experience who you deeply are.

The “Awakened State” is a name for a direct experience of Pure Presence, Pure Mindfulness and Pure Being—all different names for the same experience that words can point to, but never adequately describe.

Put simply, when you experience the Awakened State–you come Home to yourself.

You come home to who and what you are most deeply are. In the Awakened State you “wake up” to your “soul”, to your core identity—to your Self.

I’ve studied and worked in many authentic spiritual traditions for 30 years. I am one of the few people now authorized to do this kind of work in this way.

The ultimate aim of all authentic spiritual, meditation, contemplation and yogic traditions is just this and only this: To awaken to who you truly are.

I created this Audio for you to do just that. I want you to experience the Awakened State so you can enjoy its powerful benefits.

Your day to day experience of identity—your self-image based “I” or “me”—is like a False or Wrong Address.

Your Wrong Address feels right and true, but it isn’t. In the same way you don’t know you are dreaming until you wake up–you won’t know you’re in your Wrong Address until you “wake up” .

Something deep in you wants to live with greater joy, intent and conviction. I mean for this Audio to open the door wide for you to do so.

Note that if you find yourself falling into a deeply restful sleep like experience when you begin working with the Awakened State Audio, it means that you are most probably depleted and in need of energy recharging.

Just continue using the Audio and you will find your energy levels will recharge and rebalance.. Then you will be able to drop into the ”Awakened State”.

A Few Sample Reviews of the Awakened State & Pure Presence Audio

This is not just one of the best relaxation audios you can get. It is much more. It will lead you into a higher state of consciousness that has the potential to transform the way you live your life. From this state you will be able to deal more effectively and creatively with the challenges of everyday life, moment to moment.

John Stewart,
Australian evolutionary thinker and author of the internationally acclaimed book Evolution’s Arrow: the direction of evolution and the future of humanity. Longtime spiritual/contemplative practitioner.

I had a very powerful experience listening to your Awakened State Audio. I’ve listened to many audios starting from the 1970′s and through recent years. Your audio was the best I have ever encountered. It tapped me into and released some tension that I did not know I was carrying. I experienced a sense of internal spaciousness that is difficult to put into words. I am going to use it as a daily meditation. Outstanding!

Jim Levine,
Yoga Instructor, Master Body Worker and Inventor

Dr. Jim Manganiello’s Awakened State & Pure Presence Audio is an invitation to explore one’s deep inner experience. I found myself awakening to a deeper, richer, sweeter part of myself.

Dr. Rick Paine,
Buddhist/Dzogchen Practitioner, Humanistic Psychologist, United Methodist Minister

I have listened to your audio nearly every night this month. It is brilliant – like peeling the layers of an onion. I just keep going deeper and deeper. Thanks for the work you put into it. I feel more alive, much more alive. I’m seeing the brighter colors in my life again. I am more mindful too, in the sense that I am reacting less and responding more to what goes on inside and outside of me moment to moment.

Joan Perry,
longtime personal growth and “Inner Fitness” practitioner and teacher

You can purchase this Audio alone for $19.99. Or you can purchase it bundled with the 2nd edition digital version of my Book Unshakable Certainty for $24.59.
Unshakable Certainty is available alone for $9.99
Let me tell you why I think that would be a good idea for you to own both–beyond the reduced price.


I suggest you purchase my book and my new Audio together because, from my own experience in developing and testing each, I know firsthand they can be powerful companions. And I intended them to be. Here’s why.


Although each can easily stand alone, together they complement each other in ways that will move you along more quickly and more deeply—while giving you access to a bigger picture view.

The book includes a powerful practice, the MESICS© Method, drawn from the best of both eastern meditative and contemplative traditions and western psychological “Inner Work” traditions.

Together, they will do these two things for you:

1. The Audio will introduce you to the Awakened State and train you to find it at will
2. The Book’s Method will show you how to further strengthen and stabilize your connection to this Awakened State—while you are in your daily life circumstances.

You do not need to limit your practice and training to listening to the Audio to reconnect with the Awakened State.

You can do it wherever you are. The book’s Method shows you how to bring the Presence and Mindfulness the Awakened State grants, into your everyday life.


Unshakable Certainty also shows you how to use your Creative Imagination to create the inner conditions you need to live from who you most deeply are.

The book shows you how to “renovate” your personality infrastructure so you can stay awake, mindful and present.

This renovation will empower you to avoid the problems so many western meditators have. Problems that emerge when they try to wax a dirty floor with spiritual practices for an hour or so a day.

During the rest of the day they avoid what they can’t see or don’t want to know about themselves. The Creative Imagination is a powerful resource for self-knowledge and life change. Book will show you how to use it and the Audio keep you soaked in the awareness of why you should.

Here’s your no risk buying options. Please note, I guarantee your satisfaction 100%. If you’re not completely satisfied, I will refund your purchase price. Just let me know within 30 days.

I explain more About the “Unshakable Certainty” book in its own section and I include a sample of Amazon reviews as well as reviews of the powerful Method I give you in the book to bring the Awakened State into your daily life.

The Awakened State Audio

Price: $19.99


Unshakable Certainty Book

Price: $9.99


The Awakened State Audio
& Unshakable Certainty Book (bundled)

Price: $24.69