Ultimate Stress Relief

Ultimate Stress Relief

by Dr. Jim Manganiello©

Stress is not only uncomfortable-it puts your health and quality of life at risk. Research
continues to pour in showing how stress ruins hundreds of thousands of lives each year.

And the World Health Organization identified stress and the #1 health problem in the developed
world. Stress is at the root of most illnesses that kill people before their time.

But cutting edge research also shows that there’s simple, yet powerful ways to protect yourself
from stress. All you have to do is understand what stress really is, what to do about it and

With other words, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble if you have an effective stress relief game

And the news gets even better–the same game plan that will help you beat stress will also help
you develop the “Inner Fitness” and personal power and control that will leave you a lot more
effective and more satisfied with your life.

You’ll also enjoy more peace and mindfulness as a result; you will be able to respond to life
situations effectively rather than react to them.

A Simple Fact

The simple fact is that we’re not wired to live this way, a fact largely unrecognized or
misunderstood by most people and most health professionals. Our lives are too fast paced and
complex for our hard-wiring. As a result we’re awash in stress hormones, toxic chemicals that
do their damage under the radar.

They not only drive heart disease, cancer and diabetes as well as other serious illnesses, but
they also make life miserable with chronic anxiety and depression.

My stress expert colleagues have said it well:

“Stress hormones continue to wash through the system in high levels, never leaving…and so
the stress response that once gave ancient people the speed and endurance to escape life-
threatening dangers runs constantly in many modern people and never shuts down.”
Drs. Chrousos and Gold Senior National Institute of Health Scientists

“Chronic stress kills. People wear down. Stress is linked to the six leading causes of death ….”
Drs. Lyle H. Miller and Alma Dell Smith Senior Stress Researchers

The #1 Health and Quality of Life Problem in the Developed World

According to the World Health Organization, stress is the number one health problem in the
industrialized world. So much so that the American Academy of Family Physicians reports that
the majority of patient visits are for stress-related problems.

Studies also show that high levels of stress are more predictive of heart disease than are high
cholesterol, smoking and obesity.

OK-now for the good news: You can control stress-if you learn how. Your first task is to
understand what stress is.

You Must Learn to Flush

Stress is more than feeling tense and burnt out. It involves the release of toxic hormones into
your body, hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine.

The simple fact is this: If stress hormones seep into and stay in your bloodstream and tissues,
in time-they’ll make you miserable, ill and even kill you.

If you learn how to lower your stress hormone levels and how to flush them out of your blood
and tissues, then-you’ll protect your health and quality of life and increase your chances of
living long and well.

Saber Toothed Mind Tigers

You are wired with a survival response, known as the Fight or Flight Response.

If 25,000 years ago we were sitting in a field and a saber tooth tiger wanted to make lunch out
of us-you’d fight like hell or run like hell. If you survived, your Fight or Flight Response would
end and stress hormones would flush out of your blood and tissues.

The problem today is not only that your life is very complicated; but that there are saber
tooth tigers roaming around in your mind. And they trigger the Fight or Flight Response-

Studies show that your mind and body are not two separate things-they are an interdependent
unit-the mindbody. What you think and feel shows up in your body. If your mind perceives
a situation as dangerous-it triggers the body’s Fight or Flight Response-whether or not it is
actually dangerous.

If you worry a lot about financial or other problems, your body can mistake your worry as
evidence that you have the problem you’re worried about.

And so it mistakenly puts your body on an emergency footing.

You’re Stress Relief Game Plan

You need a stress control game plan, one that allows you to do two things:

1) prevent and short-circuit the unnecessary release of toxic stress hormones, and
2) flush out hormones that do seep into your blood and tissues.

The plan needs to include making changes in your life that cause you predictable stress.

This can range from changes such as leaving for work earlier and coming home later to avoid
bad traffic, to leaving a bad job or a bad relationship.

You must take control of your life-feeling in control is critical to managing stress. Even strong
and powerful animals quickly die if they feel they have no control over their situation.

You also need to make sure you aren’t carrying baggage that leaves you prone to perceiving life
situations as stressful. We all have baggage that can drag us into to fear and worry. My usually
laid back yellow lab Tashi, taught me a lesson about perception and stress.

When she sees a medium or large size cardboard box, she goes nuts and barks up a storm as if
the box were a dangerous enemy ready to attack her.

The fact is that it’s often not life events that cause us stress-it’s the way we see life events
that’s the problem. You need to work on seeing things more clearly.

Don’t think that sitting cross-legged and doing meditation is going to deal with your baggage, it

Nor will yoga or any mindbody lite practices that don’t empower you to wrestle with your mind
tigers so you can create the inner conditions for genuine calm and self-confidence.

I’ve developed the MESICS MethodTM, a method that combines the best tools of both deep
psychotherapy and deep meditation. You will LOVE this resource. It has helped many people
beat stress and grow into their deepest possibilities. The Method is part of our Stress Relief

Here are two comments on the MESICS Method:

“The MESICS Method has become a way of life for me. It is a true, unfailing path from
conditioned hell to authentic being. Like the welcome sight of my porch light after a long
journey, the MESICS Method consistently guides me home to myself.”
Rita Heron, R.N., M.S.

“The MESICS Method turns even difficult moments into an adventure by enhancing self-
knowledge. I welcome this deepening of my awareness. I marvel at just how good Jim is at
what he does. His level of work is a rare find.”
Joanna Stull, R.N., M.A. LMHC

Do These Things

When stressed, we tend to breathe shallow from our chest. You should breathe deeply from
your diaphragm instead. By breathing this way and by relaxing your mind, you can short-circuit
the Fight or Flight Response and save yourself a lot of trouble.

If you live on the surface of life without any connection to your real needs and deepest feelings-
you’ll be primed for a lot of toxic stress. It’s important that you learn how to do what you want
and love to do, things that really make your life worth living.

One thing worth doing is gaining control over your thoughts and feelings. If you can do this,
a lot will fall into place. You not only will beat stress, but you’ll be able to dive much deeper
into your life and enjoy the things that truly make life worth living. Training for this control is
actually developing what we call “Inner Fitness”.

The Stress Relief Pack

I’ve developed a Stress Relief Pack™, a Pack containing 7 of the most powerful stress relief
techniques you’ll find anywhere.

They’re derived from both the western psychology and medicine traditions as well as the
eastern meditative and healing traditions.

They come with crystal clear step by step written and guided audio instructions.

If you want to try it, there’s no risk, you’ll have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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